Each client has a unique set of products, services, resources, competitors, and market dynamics. Critical challenges and decisions vary from company to company.  While the methodologies, timelines and deliverables depend on each project’s specific requirements, there are several “typical” characteristics of every SMG engagement.

Approach: Simon Management Group conducts primary external research, collects third-party information, and builds on client knowledge and experience to identify, evaluate, and analyze the issues that are critical to achieving that client’s specific goals.  For each engagement, we determine the appropriate combination of market research and analysis to address the various product (see Technology Experience) and market (see Target Industry Experience) challenges faced by the client.

Additionally, SMG often encourages its clients to conduct market interviews in parallel with the SMG project team.  Hearing the "voice of the market" directly and sharing that feedback with co-workers and management teams provides a powerful experience that can build consensus and facilitate decision-making.

Workplans: SMG works closely with the client to identify specific project objectives, understand how the results will be applied to address that client’s unique business challenges, and create a workplan that clearly outlines the scope and deliverables of the project.  Before the client authorizes a project, the objectives, methodology, timing, budget, and resource requirements will be agreed upon through a written project proposal.

Timelines: Projects typically range from a few weeks to several months. They are often conducted in phases to enable the project team and the client to review interim results and to make midcourse adjustments to the workplan as warranted.

Results: Simon Management Group has established long-term client relationships as a result of its commitment to delivering quality results on time and on budget.   Bringing hands-on management experience in high-tech companies to each project, Simon Management Group delivers objective results, provides practical solutions, and communicates frequently with each of our clients.

For more than 20 years, SMG has been helping technology-based companies exploit their opportunities and overcome their challenges. Our work typically falls into one of four project types.

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